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The following are some unsolicited testimonials from patients of Dr. Joshi.

Dr. Joshi has been my dentist for 6 years now, and he has changed my opinion of dentistry.  I used to be very nervous before a dental appointment but that is no longer the case!  He takes patient education seriously and always takes the time to explain procedures, ensuring I'm ok before proceeding.  He has a great deal of experience, including knowledge of TMD/TMJ which enabled him to examine potential causes of my neck pain, which I didn't think would be linked to dentistry.  I can honestly say I've never felt pain while in his chair and that has been through fillings, crown work and more.  His assistants and front office team are truly amazing people as well, they work magic with his schedule and I've always received an appointment quickly for urgent matters.  What I like most about his team is they are always available to me, placing calls to remind me of upcoming appointments, working with me on my crazy busy schedule, explaining financial solutions and keeping me informed on the progress of a submission to my insurer.  They've all gone above and beyond for me on more than one occassion.  Dr. Joshi is an innovative and genuine individual and I'm grateful to have him and his team as an integral part of my overall health team!

Denyse G., Ottawa
Chris J.,
Ottawa, Canada

After putting off regular dentist visits for 10 years I decided it was finally time to get back into the dreaded dentist chair I so feared as a child. To my surprise, things have changed. 

Dr. Joshi and his staff showed high levels of professionalism, expertise, care, patience and much more throughout the whole process.  They made going to the dentist as pleasant as going to the dentist could possibly be.

After going through the prelims (x-rays, cleaning, cavities and wisdom teeth), orthodontics was discussed. Dr. Joshi introduced Invisalign and its many advantages versus traditional metal braces. Obviously I was skeptical when I first heard 'removable plastic trays', almost 'invisible to the eye', sharing roughly the 'same time frame and cost as traditional braces', and would be as effective.

I decided to try Invisalign. To my surprise, the whole experience was extremely satisfying. After a brief adaptation period, they became second nature. Seeing the actual progress with each new tray was also an added bonus to keep me motivated. Not a single person noticed I was wearing the trays the entire process and were amazed when I proved it to them. The end result was excellent.

I now have proper access to flossing and brushing all my teeth allowing for greater oral hygiene. Also, I can’t accurately put into words how great it feels to be able to smile naturally and confidently. My only regret of course, is not having done this sooner.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to Dr. Joshi, his team and Invisalign for making this experience one I’ll be living with forever.


For most people, going to the dentist probably ranks somewhere between 'throwing out garbage' and 'getting punched in the stomach' in the enjoyment scale.

However, some dental offices make the experience less horrific than others. Relative to the total experience, The St Laurent Dental Centre, and specifically Dr. Atul Joshi's office, does a good job of making you feel at ease when you sit in the chair.

Him and his staff personalize your experience, set amidst a calm atmosphere. They're also helpful in giving practical advice without making you feel like an oral monster. This becomes evident when you see other patients, who have been for the most part going to Dr. Joshi's office for years, forging a long-term relationship.

After all, feeling calm, comfortable and at ease is all you can really ask for from your dentist.

Azim A., Ottawa, ON

Dear Dr. Joshi,

A month ago, Dr. Joshi gave me a dental ‘make over’ and I now have the bright smile I wanted. What strikes me most, however, is the fact that I recognize my former teeth, that is, an idealized version of them, finally straight and evenly spaced, an improvement on nature.

The newest technology combined with artistic ability can really improve your smile and the way you feel about yourself! I am glad I took the plunge! Thanks to all involved.

- Louise C.

Louise C., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Dear Dr. Joshi,

Please accept this as a token of my appreciation for the professionalism, courtesy and skill with which you and your staff carried out the recent work that I requested.

The high level of patient/doctor communication was very enjoyable and productive. Special mention for Shannon, as her friendliness and efficiency rounded out your treatment most satisfactorily.

My bite and smile have never been better and I am most pleased with the results of the veneer job recently completed.

Please enjoy these chocolates, but remember to brush and floss, before and after!

With much gratitude,
Dan Benoit

Dan Benoit, Ottawa

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