Migraine Pain Prevention

Stabilization splints (eg. NTI-tss Plus™) provide a way to simply and effectively treat patients suffering from tension and migraine headaches by reducing the intensity of jaw clenching while the patient sleeps.

By wearing a stabilization splint, the patient effectively protects their teeth, muscles and joints by suppressing parafunctional (i.e. abnormal) muscle contractions and grinding (bruxism) by almost 70%.  Orginally developed to prevent migraine pain, jaw disorders, and bruxism through trigeminally innervated muscular activity, the NTI-tss Plus™ is proven to be a superior alternative to full coverage bite guards.

The advantages for our patients are numerous and include:

  • Smaller, more comfortable than traditional bite guards (won't trigger a gag reflex; patient will actually wear it)
  • Less costly than repairing teeth
  • Save on costs and side effects of prescription drugs
  • More effective (discludes canines and posterior teeth, thereby reducing clenching by almost 70%

If you suffer from any of the following, a NTI-tss Plus™ stablization splint may be what you need:

  • Tooth wear from bruxing and clenching
  • Muscle pain associated with muscle dysfunction
  • Protection (simply to prevent further damage to hard and soft tissues of the mouth)
  • Therapy (to relieve pain and promote healing).

Video describing dental appliance for migraine prevention