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Watch this great time lapse video with wonderful song by Oren Lavie called 'Her Morning Elegance'...very artistic!


Sitar Legend, Indian virtuoso Pandit Ravi Shankar, dead at 92.

Farewell Guruji...

Are You Talking To Me?

November 22, 2012 | Posted General Interest

Alaskan bear cub....with a look on his face that just seems to have Robert DeNiro written all of it!  "Are you talking to me?"


Photograph by Douglas Croft

You know what I really enjoy?  A good animation and a great, well researched story to back it up.  In this animated short by James Williams, we get the low down on how a Celtic celebration became a night of Trick or Treat.  Happy Halloween!  Enjoy:)

Late summer thunderheads build above Garnet Lake....a spectacular picture that just had to be shared!

-Photo by Peter Essick

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